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Office Report – October 2018

New Website in Progress – We recently engaged a website designer to develop a new website for California Right to Life Educational Fund. We have lots of ideas and dreams and are hoping to incorporate many of them into creating a website that will include current developments in all areas of the life spectrum, as well as many informative, and educational resources (like the vaccine table detailed above.) While we will make every effort to contain the cost of developing and implementing the new website, we want to make the website a professional presentation, and that is going to require an expenditure of funds. A special thanks to our current donors for their generosity that allowed us to even begin this project. We would like to invite everyone to become involved in the development of the website.

  1. If you have any ideas of items you would like included on the website, contact our office either by e-mail at or by phone 925-944-5351. This is your resource, so we want to make every effort to include information you will find helpful.

  2. Donations to defray the cost of development and implementation are always welcome. The budget is right now at least $1,000.

“Give at Work” Payroll Charity drives like United Way and the Combined Federal Campaign are in progress. Please remember California Right to Life Educational Fund when the payroll pledge card or online application comes around this fall. If you need any assistance in designating California Right to Life Educational Fund as your charity of choice, contact our office 925-944-5351 or e-mail (Federal employees: our CFC number is 49743.)

Late Breaking News…. SB-320 VETOED! September 30th was the last day that Governor Brown could sign or veto a piece of legislation which had passed both houses of the California legislature. SB-320 was a bill that would have made RU-486, aka “The Abortion Pill,” a part of the health services at all UC and CSU campuses. And much like the Supreme Court often releases their decisions on the most controversial cases on the last day of the term, so Governor Brown waited until the final hours of the last day to issue his decision. VICTORY for our side! Governor Brown vetoed the legislation, thus protecting students and their pre-born babies from harm through medical abortion administered by UC or CSU Health Centers.

A special thank you to all who wrote letters, called legislators and the governor’s office, and especially those who journeyed to Sacramento and participated in hearings as the legislation passed through both the State Senate and the Assembly. Your efforts make a difference! You were the voice for our voiceless brothers and sisters in the wombs of university students!

Calendar of Events For the latest updates of events see

40-DAYS FOR LIFE – Sept. 26 – Nov. 4, 2018 See: for a location near you.


Sat Jan. 26, 2019. See:

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