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At your church

We can’t take the pro-life views of our fellow churchgoers for granted. Many people who consider themselves “pro-life,” even those who regularly attend church, believe there are certain cases in which abortion, IVF, assisted suicide, etc. are acceptable. They need help understanding the dignity and worth of every human life just as “pro-choice” people do.


Meet with your pastor to explain your initial plans and ask for his support. Don’t ask him to take on extra tasks; just ask for his backing of your efforts.

Church Cross
Some ways to educate your church:


  • Schedule a pro-life speaker. This could be someone who speaks during or after Sunday services or at a special weeknight event. (Contact us if you need ideas for whom to invite.)



  • Start a pro-life corner in your church bulletin (or bulletin board) and feature facts about fetal development, facts about the state’s abortion and assisted suicide laws, action items like calling representatives, and local volunteer opportunities. 


  • During Respect Life month (October) and/or in January, near the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, ask if you can stuff the church bulletin with comprehensive, in-depth pro-life literature, such as one of Human Life Alliance’s publications


  • Organize a prayer walk, candlelit vigil, or prayer service either at your church or at your local abortion business to pray for an end to abortion.

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