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Mother's Day

Mother’s day is a beautiful opportunity to remind women seeking abortions that they are already mothers. Joyful gatherings of families and children can reach the hearts of women who might ignore a lone sidewalk counselor.

Happy Mother's Day
Organize your own pro-life Mother’s Day event!


  1. Choose the abortion facility and location for your event. Is there room for a group, including children? 

  2. Choose a time for your event. When is the facility doing abortions? (Look online for a schedule or call and ask.) When can you reasonably expect other pro-lifers to join you, especially families?

  3. Invite others to the event via email, phone, and Facebook. Can you put an announcement in your church bulletin? 

  4. Make brightly colored signs: “Happy Mother’s day!” “If you are pregnant, you are already a mother” “Choose life, Mommy!” etc. Balloons are also good for bringing color and cheer to the sidewalk.

  5. Buy sidewalk chalk for any children who attend. They can write and draw mother’s day messages on the sidewalk.

  6. Buy flowers and attach sidewalk counseling brochures or information for your local pregnancy help center to the bouquets. 

  7. During your event, offer the bouquets and information to the mothers entering the abortion clinic. Smile, wish them a happy Mother’s Day, and ask them to protect the lives of their children.

Yellow Roses
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