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11 pro-abortion bills up for a vote

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

***Update 8/26/22: Since this was first published, the Senate passed three bills: AB 657, AB 1918, and AB 2320. AB 1918 and AB 2320 are now on their way to Governor Newsom’s desk, but AB 657 went back to the Assembly for confirmation of the Senate’s amendments. Nine bills remain in the legislature for their final votes.These updates are reflected below.***

The California legislature has a deadline of August 31 to pass bills through their final floor vote and send them to the governor’s desk. If the bills are not passed by August 31, they will be dead for this legislative session.

Most bills that started in the Assembly are now in the Senate for their final vote and bills that started in the Assembly are now in the Senate. Some bills are sent back to their original house for confirmation of amendments.

The entire state Senate will vote on these five bills:

AB 1242 - would prohibit law enforcement officers from aiding in the enforcement of other states' abortion restrictions

AB 2091 - would prohibit the release of medical information that aids those enforcing other states' abortion restrictions

AB 2134 - would require employers who oppose abortion to advertise state-funded abortions to employees

AB 2223 - would allow anyone to perform abortions and would give protection to those who commit infanticide

AB 2586 - would award grants to abortion businesses and attack pregnancy help centers

The full Assembly will vote on these four bills:

AB 657 - would require state medical boards to expedite the approval of licenses for those who will perform abortions

SB 1142 - would create a directory of California abortionists and would award grants to organizations that help women pay for their abortions and associated travel costs

SB 1245 - would create a program in Los Angeles County to build new abortion clinics, train abortionists, advertise abortion, suppress pro-life information, and increase the number of abortions

SB 1375 - would remove some of the doctor oversight requirements for nurses who perform abortions

When you call the offices of your representatives, you may reach a staff person or an answering machine. You can simply say, “Hello, I’m calling to ask my senator to vote no on AB 1242, AB 2091, AB 2134, AB 2223, and AB 2586.” And: “Hello, I’m calling to ask my assemblyman to vote no on AB 657, SB 1142, SB 1245, and SB 1375.”

The staff person may ask a few questions to confirm that you are a voter in the representative’s district, and you can say more about why you oppose the bills, but each call should only take a couple minutes. The legislators know that most people won’t take the time to voice their opinion, so your call is valuable!

If you don’t know who your state senator and assemblyman are, you can find out here.

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