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A Day at the Mall

by Charlotte Graham – Volunteer

One of the more interesting aspects of being at our information table is trying to gauge whether our visitors are with us or against us. They gaze at our materials and often don’t say too much until we invite them to share what they are thinking, or they ask a question like what are we about. This was the case when a nicely dressed young man wearing a backpack came and perused our literature. After introductions Robert described how his thoughts on abortion and euthanasia had changed and developed over time. It soon became clear Robert had thought very deeply about these issues. We offered him a bag to carry all the literature, bumper stickers, babies and bookmarks he had picked up. He went on his way with our thanks for visiting and our plea that he share the materials with friends and family. We appreciate that Robert had been open to the Pro-Life message and that he is now an ally.

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