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So much propaganda

During our outreach events this fall, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend: students are using decades-old, debunked pro-abortion talking points. Arguments incompatible with biology and common sense are making a comeback.

A few days ago, a college student assured me that she had done lots of research with her friends and now knew that the unborn are not alive and that an abortion does not involve killing.

High school students told me that at six weeks “it’s like a blueberry.” And that “it doesn’t matter because it’s not breathing.” And that even at eight months “it’s just a blob of cells.”

It’s not alive.”

It’s just tissue.”

It’s not even anything.”

Wow. A barrage of pro-abortion propaganda has convinced these students of something completely nonsensical: that being born turns blobs into babies.

Since the Dobbs vs. JWHO decision, the abortion industry and their allies have been cranking out false information about abortion restrictions, how those abortion restrictions affect women, and what happens during an abortion.

Very few people are reaching these students with the truth. At a recent high school outreach, where we stood outside the campus with signs and distributed literature, students stayed to talk with us for almost two hours after dismissal. The pro-abortion students were fascinated that our reasons for opposing abortion were logical and consistent - unlike the straw man pro-life caricatures they had seen demolished online. We distributed hundreds of pieces of literature.

During a recent college outreach, I pointed out to a student that it’s a biological fact that every abortion ends the life of a human being. Then I asked him if he thought that all human beings have a right to not be killed, or if he thought it was fine to deprive some humans of human rights. He said, “I’ve never thought about it that way. No one has asked me questions like this before.” He took one of our magazines before he left and said he would read it. Again, we distributed hundreds of magazines to other students.

One conversation, one question, one piece of literature at a time, we can counter the pro-abortion narrative!

Have you ever considered distributing literature to high school students in your town? Your right to stand on the public sidewalk outside the school is protected by the First Amendment, along with your right to offer information to the students who pass by. You don’t need a lot of equipment - just one or more friends to help and some fact-filled and persuasive literature from Human Life Alliance - and you can help students understand the truth!

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