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The Walls Are Talking

The Walls are Talking is a compilation of recollections of the harrowing and life-changing experiences of former abortion clinic workers, told in their own words. Abortion is an act of violence, harming not only the obvious victim—the unborn child—but also the mother, the father, the doctor, and everyone else involved. This book is a difficult read, even for those of us who thought we had heard it all, and perhaps thought we had developed a “thick skin.” Yet these are stories that need to be told, stories that need to be read, stories that need to be shared.

The recounting of the workers as they work in the POC (“product of conception”) lab, arranging the parts of the aborted baby in the petri dish to make sure all the parts have been extracted will affect even the most hardened of hearts.

I was especially moved by the story of the “Frequent Flyer” a woman who was undergoing her ninth abortion, the moment she discovered her late first trimester “product of Conception” was a baby.

Anyone who still clings to the idea that the objective of “women’s health clinics” is to help women will want to read the chapter entitled “Sorority Girl” to learn how the chase for the almighty dollar almost cost a college woman her life. Or the recounting of a 28-week gestation multi-day procedure of a perfectly normal baby, when the mother changes her mind. What about this “woman’s right to choose” when she makes a different choice?

Several of the stories also provide important insights of how those of us on the sidewalk are viewed from the perspectives of those who work and/or are coming to receive “services” at the abortion center…. What works and what to avoid. (Spoiler Alert: Leave your Grim Reaper costume at home.)

Author Abby Johnson is a former director of the Planned Parenthood in Byron Station Texas, and founder of “And Then There Were None” ministry that helps those currently working in the abortion industry to find other employment and a new life outside the abortion center walls. To find out more about her ministry visit:

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