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21 things you can do to end abortion, starting today

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

  1. Pray. Pray every day for the end of abortion, for those scheduled to die, for those considering abortion, and for those committing and promoting abortion. Pray for yourself, that you have the courage and wisdom to fight for justice in an effective way and without tiring.

  2. Educate yourself. Know how to explain how the most common abortion procedures kill babies. Know your local resources for pregnant moms who need help. Know the answers to the most common pro-abortion arguments.

  3. Sidewalk counsel or protest outside an abortion business.

  4. Talk to your friends and family about abortion and explain why it’s wrong.

  5. Set up an information table at your local public college campus and distribute pro-life information.

  6. Stock your church vestibule with information about your local pregnancy center, post-abortion healing, and other pro-life information (with permission from your pastor).

  7. Vote, volunteer for, and support candidates and legislation that will restrict or limit abortion. Oppose candidates and legislation that will fund and expand abortion.

  8. Wear a pro-life t-shirt and talk to people about its message.

  9. Put a pro-life sticker on your car, laptop, or water bottle and talk to people about its message.

  10. Arrange for a pro-life speaker to address your club or group.

  11. Hold a LARGE pro-life sign on an overpass at rush hour with a couple friends. (Just a few, clear words on one sign are best or drivers won’t be able to read it.)

  12. Write pro-life messages in chalk on the public sidewalk.

  13. Subscribe to your local Planned Parenthood affiliate’s email list and then protest outside its events.

  14. Leave little cards with pro-life information at gas pumps, with the sugar packets on the table at restaurants, in library books, tucked in the mirror of a public restroom, etc.

  15. Post pro-life messages on social media.

  16. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about the tragedy of abortion. If your letter is in conjunction with a current event, such as a recent Supreme Court abortion decision or the anniversary of the decriminalization, it has a better chance of being printed.

  17. Organize a candlelit vigil or prayer service outside an abortion business.

  18. Organize a large protest or march outside an abortion business or pro-abortion politician’s office.

  19. Put a pro-life yard sign on your front lawn.

  20. Comment in online forums where people talk about abortion.

  21. Stand on the sidewalk outside a high school at dismissal and distribute information to the students as they leave.

Do you need help getting started? Do you need signs, literature, bumper stickers, pro-life cards to distribute, or something else? Let us know how California Right to Life can help you!

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