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"Are you kidding?"

A few weeks ago while I was sidewalk counseling, a man pulled over and asked if I had time to hear a story.

He said that he lived in the neighborhood and had seen me there outside the abortion clinic for years. His 18-year-old son just found out that his girlfriend is pregnant. He asked his son what they were going to do and if they were considering abortion.

His son responded, “Are you kidding? We’ve been driving by those signs for years. Of course we’re keeping the baby!”

The proud grandfather reminded me that our presence outside abortion businesses changes people we’ve never met and saves lives that we never know about.

Your presence on the sidewalk can save baby boys and girls in your community, too!

40 Days for Life is happening now and is a great way, especially for newcomers, to participate in public prayer and witness for the end of abortion.

If you’d like to learn about sidewalk counseling, reaching out to the parents entering the abortion clinic, you can read more here or contact us to schedule a training.

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