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Baby saved!

Be not solicitous how or what you shall answer, or what you shall say; for the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what you must say. - Luke 12:12

Last week I was sidewalk counseling outside my local FPA Women’s Health abortion center when a taxi pulled into the back parking lot and a Hispanic woman got out. A fellow counselor called out to her, offering her assistance for an unplanned pregnancy, and she came over to accept the proffered information.

It quickly became apparent that she spoke no English - and none of the three counselors spoke any Spanish!

With the help of an app on my phone, which translated the questions and answers, she told us that she was six weeks pregnant and was there for her abortion appointment.

“Your little baby has a heartbeat,” I stammered into the phone. After a slight pause, she responded through the app that she hadn’t seen her baby. Again, I breathlessly asked into the phone if she would like a free ultrasound to see her baby, and she nodded.

Within five minutes of meeting her and after exchanging only a handful of sentences, I was driving her across the city to the pregnancy center - where she walked eagerly up the steps and into the waiting room!

If we hadn’t met, if there hadn’t been counselors on the sidewalk calling out, she would have been swallowing a dose of mifepristone to kill her child instead of seeing her baby for the first time.

She was happy to be shown an alternative to abortion. How many mothers like this young woman go through with their abortions every day because no one is on the sidewalk to advocate for their children?

Read our sidewalk counseling guide for tips on how to get started saving lives in your community.

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