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10 pro-abortion bills our legislature is considering right now

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

The California assembly and state senate are in the process of passing multiple bills that, if signed into law, will promote, fund, and expand the abortion industry. Find your assembly and state senate representatives here and voice your opposition to these bills.

We've listed ten of the worst bills below. All of the senate bills (bill numbers prefaced by SB) have been passed by the senate and are now being considered in the assembly. All of the assembly bills (bill numbers prefaced by AB) have passed out of the assembly and are now being considered by the senate.

Call your representatives’ offices and ask them to vote against these bills. You only need to say, “Hi, I’m calling to ask the assemblymember to vote no on SB 1142, SB 1245, and SB 1375.”

And: “Hi, I’m calling to ask the senator to vote no on AB 1666, AB 1918, AB 2091, AB 2134, AB 2223, AB 2320, and AB 2586.”

You can say more about why you oppose the bills and the staff person at the office might ask you a couple questions, but a 90-second phone call can be a powerful way to speak on behalf of defenseless unborn babies.

SB 1142: Funding Abortion Tourism: This bill facilitates abortions by giving government grants to organizations that help cover travel costs and other expenses, such as childcare, for women seeking abortions in California.

SB 1245: Making Abortion More Easily Available: This bill would create and fund a pilot program in the County of Los Angeles to build new abortion facilities, train abortionists, advertise abortion, suppress anti-abortion information, and support the abortion industry in other unspecified ways.

SB 1375: Lowering Abortion Safety Standards: This bill removes some of the doctor oversight requirements for nurses who perform abortions.

AB 1666: Protect Abortionists From Lawsuits: This bill prohibits California courts from enforcing any civil action from another state against a person who assists someone in getting an abortion.

AB 1918: Abortion Corps: This bill would establish a state-run abortion corps and recruit abortionists by paying student debt and giving stipends to those who agree to join the corps.

AB 2091: Secret Illegal Abortions: This bill prohibits the release of medical information related to abortion in response to out-of-state subpoenas based on abortion restrictions.

AB 2134: Require Abortion Advertising: This bill would require churches and other employers who object to paying for abortion coverage for their employees to advertise state-funded abortions.

AB 2223: Remove Legal Protections from Babies and Allow Anyone to be an Abortionist: This bill would authorize anyone to commit an abortion or assist in the death of baby at any point in pregnancy and would prevent investigations of infant deaths.

AB 2320: Abortion Grants Targeting the Poor: This bill would create a pilot program in five counties to provide money to abortion facilities.

AB 2586: Abortion Disparity Study Group: This bill would create a working group to study abortion in the state and make recommendation to on how to remove “barriers to abortion access,” which is to include funding abortion facilities and pro-abortion information campaigns.

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