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Does anyone have a right to a child?

Do people who cannot conceive children naturally have a right to obtain children by other means? Do same sex couples have a right to children? What about single people - do they have a right to children? Does anyone have a RIGHT to a child?

In addition to over a dozen bills that protect abortionists and promote abortion (and several more that deliberately attack families and undermine the role of parents), the California legislature is considering a bill, SB 729, that would require health insurance plans to cover fertility treatments, specifically in vitro fertilization (IVF), for “all Californians” experiencing “infertility.”

In the past, when the federal and state governments mandated that insurance companies cover various treatments, IVF was always excluded, in part because of its obviously unethical elements. Commissioning a business to manufacture children commodifies human beings.

The bill redefines infertility to include those whose “status” does not allow them to conceive a child because their chosen sexual partner is of the same sex or because they have no sexual partner.

The bill prohibits insurers from placing any age limits, at either end of the spectrum, on those seeking IVF coverage.

It would require that rented wombs from surrogate mothers be covered.

The IVF process involves creating embryos in a lab with purchased or donated sperm and eggs and/or the intended parents’ gametes. The embryos are screened for genetic defects (and sometimes physical characteristics like hair or eye color), and the unhealthy babies are killed. The intended parents (or parent) choose which embryo or embryos to implant in a uterus. More than half of the embryos transferred to the uterus die before birth. If and when the intended parent(s) achieve their desired number of born children, the extra embryos are killed, donated to research and then destroyed, frozen indefinitely, or placed for embryo adoption. It is estimated that over a million embryos are frozen in storage in the U.S.

SB 729 is another glimpse into the Democrat worldview - where children are pawns and accessories, to be purchased or discarded at the pleasure of adults.

SB 729 has passed out of the Senate and is now in the Assembly, scheduled for a hearing in the Health Committee.

You may contact the Assembly Health Committee here or the individual members of the Committee here and ask them to vote no.

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