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For Unto Us (Many) Children Have Been and Will Be Born

As we reflect and prepare to celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus, let us pause in gratitude and praise to celebrate the many the babies who are alive, and the parents and relatives who have been spared the grief of abortion regret, because of the efforts of countless people participating in so many ways including the recently completed 40-Days for Life Campaign.

The most recent 40-Days for Life Fall Campaign concluded on November 3, 2019. A few quick statistics:

  1. 505 cities in over 30 countries participated in the 40 Days for Life vigils this past fall.

  2. Throughout history of 40-Days for Life 865 cities have participated in at least one vigil.

  3. Abortion mills closed: 104

  4. 37% of Planned Parenthood locations have closed over the past 15 years.

  5. Babies saved this campaign: 738 that we know of.

  6. Total Cumulative babies saved since inception of 40-Days for Life: 16,742.

  7. Abortion Workers who have quit: 196… FIVE during the Fall Campaign.

As we set up our mangers, let us pray for mothers who like Mary are facing challenges during pregnancy (imagine riding a donkey when nine months pregnant!).

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