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January 2019 – Hanging Out At The Mall

With the new year upon us, we are back doing Information Tables for Life. We would like to share a couple of stories about two recent visitors to the table, both men, and both with quite a story to tell.

The first man asked us what was our position on abortion. We explained we are against abortion, and he lit up and proceeded to tell us how vehemently he opposed abortion, sharing that years ago his girlfriend had aborted his baby. Men also suffer the loss of abortion. For information on resources available for men and abortion visit:

The other man prefaced his remarks by saying he is now the father of five children; however, in each case the timing of the pregnancy was not good, and he and the mother of his children had considered abortion. The story of his first child’s “save” was especially touching. He and his girlfriend were just starting their relationship when she realized she was pregnant. They weren’t sure they wanted to add a child to the mix, as the relationship was too new, so they scheduled the abortion. As they were walking into the abortion mill a woman came out who had just had an abortion. She was sobbing and obviously in deep distress. He said to his girlfriend “Are you hungry? Let’s get out of here!” and instead of aborting their baby, they went to lunch.

Recently they welcomed the fifth of his children… well at first they weren’t very open to welcoming yet another child, and did consider abortion. It wasn’t a good time, they were financially strapped; he admitted they could come up with all sorts of reasons. And yet they decided to have this baby, and it was obvious he is very much in love with all of his children, perhaps even more so with this latest addition to his family. He returned a few minutes later with the newest baby in a stroller for us to see. One Proud Father….

We may never know the impact we make just by being there, whether out on the sidewalk praying, counseling outside an abortion mill, or sitting for a couple hours at a local shopping mall or school quad table, or perhaps taking the opportunity to evangelize for life with your church. Contact our office if you would like to join us at the table, or would like to start a table in your area. Perhaps someone considering abortion will remember talking with us at a shopping mall months before and “Choose Life.”

Another need we have is for people to distribute “Pregnant Need Help” cards. These business card size cards could be left in women’s restrooms, posted on kiosks and bulletin boards, and we recommend carrying one in your wallet – just in case you need to make a referral to a local pregnancy center. Contact our office or 925-944-5351 if you would like a supply of these cards.

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