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Updated: Jan 21, 2022

A major difference between pro-lifers and abortion supporters is that we as pro-lifers are not afraid to have our views challenged or to hear the arguments of those who disagree with us. We seek the truth and work to expand our knowledge, not just our rhetoric.

Over the years, California Right to Life has accumulated a sizable library. In the beginning, the office housed a lending library from which supporters could borrow. When the office closed, that became more difficult. Now, we’d like to disperse the library to supporters who wish to continue their pro-life education.

From the early days’ Who Broke the Baby? and the Wilkes’ Abortion Handbook to more recent publications such as Unplanned and Randy Alcorn’s Why Pro-Life?, the library spans decades of thought on abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research, chastity, overpopulation, contraception, and more. The library includes works by both pro-life and pro-abortion authors and everything from scientific studies to novels to films.

You can browse the library here.

If you’d like to have any of the books, recordings, or films, let me know with an email (include your mailing address) or make a donation to cover the cost of shipping and list which items you’d like to receive in the memo line of the donation form. If your mailing address is different from your payment address, please list your mailing address in the notes, as well.

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