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“Meant To Be”

by Rochelle Zumwalt

She begins stirring so softly inside her

Just like a flower beginning to grow

Blissfully happy; all comfy and cozy

Dreaming of mommy she doesn’t yet know

Peacefully sleeping within her warm bubble

Contented, she sucks on a small, wrinkled thumb

Soothed by the sound of her whispering heartbeat

Sensing with pleasure what she soon will become

She is excited but has to be patient

Her Heavenly Father must finish her first

He still needs to add some personal touches

To have her just perfect for her future birth

Her thoughts drift ahead to the wondrous moment

She gazes in trust on mommy’s dear face

Mommy will gently hold her and kiss her

Murmur she’s loved and will always be safe

She wonders what life will be like on the outside

Filled with a yearning to know what life has in store

She anxiously kicks in her haste to get started

Hurry, Heavenly Father! Please open the door!

She’s almost finished now; she can just feel it

Anticipation is starting to show

She has two hands and curls ten, tiny fingers

Made to hold mommy and never let go

She has two ears that are willing to listen

To mommy’s soft voice whenever she speaks

Two feet with ten toes all wiggling and squirming

Eager to take her wherever she seeks

Two bright eyes to look at the splendors

Of the world she’s waiting to see

And the sight of her precious mommy

With her she is longing to be

A nose to smell all the fragrant aromas

A mouth to cry, smile, and be able to say

“Mommy, I love you. I am truly thankful

To have you for my very own,” everyday

“My mommy she must be someone oh, so special

She wants me now with her I can tell

Please Heavenly Father! I can’t wait any longer

I know I’m ready, healthy and well!”

All of a sudden a pain comes from nowhere

Her body feels like she’s being torn all apart

“Help me mommy!” she screams; silently pleading

Then the touch of a hand gently presses her heart

She looks upon the dear face of Jesus

A sad, sweet smile is on His face

With arms outstretched before her, He whispers

“Come with me to My Father’s Place.”

“Oh, no! I am waiting to see my mommy

She is waiting to see me, too

I want to stay here so I can be with her

I just can’t leave until I do.”

She slowly understands his meaning

As sadness overwhelms her soul

Her mommy hadn’t meant to keep her

Didn’t really love her at all

She wonders on things she will never now know

On the world she’ll never see

In anguish she looks up at Jesus and cries

“I was never meant to be.”

Jesus answers, “My child, how I love you

You are very precious to me

You have a special place deep in my heart

Safe with me you always will be

Your Heavenly Father took such tender care

When making each part of you

Before the world was made you were meant to be

My Life I gave up for you.”

Pure, sweet joy caresses each one of her senses

A happy smile lights up her face

Jesus kisses and cradles her close his heart

And takes her to His Father’s Place.

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