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Office Happenings in Time of Pandemic

by Cecelia Cody

With the closing of shopping malls, our Information Tables for Life have been suspended. HOWEVER that doesn’t mean we aren’t distributing materials! It turns out the table is like a pebble dropped into a pond, with the ripples reaching far and wide. The past few months we have received phone calls from several of our regular visitors to our table asking for replenishment of materials they formerly picked up at our table to use in their efforts to share the message of the value of all human life. Several of the callers have also commented they miss seeing us each month.

To replenish these supplies for these “evangelists for Life.” we need to keep our cupboards stocked.

Sadly we continue to receive calls from families needing assistance in protecting the life of an elderly or seriously ill family member, desperate to pursue all avenues to protect the life of their loved one when the medical team has determined further treatment is “futile.” Ca Right to Life Ed Fund is available by phone 24/7 either as a live voice, or by returning voicemail messages as soon as possible. We have endured some late nights recently getting assistance for these callers.

As with so many charities, our donations have been inpacted, especially by “Payroll Deduction” donations declining due to Covid-19 layoffs. Several generous individuals have made extra donations in order to permit us to maintain vital “essential services.” A special THANK YOU! to all who continue to support our efforts so we can provide these materials and pay the phone and internet bills (and send you this newsletter).

Calendar of Events

For the latest updates of events see

With the continually changing directives by various governmental authorities it is difficult to schedule events. For a listing of possible activities – including “virtual conferences” — visit

One event that is going to be happening is…

40-Days for Life 9/23 – 11/1. This internationally coordinated 40-day campaign aims to end abortion locally through prayer and fasting, community outreach, and peaceful vigils outside abortion businesses. As of this writing 17,226 babies (that we know of) have been saved from abortion, 206 abortion workers have left their jobs and 107 abortion locations have closed. To find the location nearest you, visit:

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