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Our Office Happenings during Shelter in Place

As I write this, we in California are all on “Shelter in Place.” However, our office is open, and we are still available to assist you in your pro-life efforts.  Our Information Tables for Life have been temporarily cancelled; however, we are offering a “Virtual Mall Table.” Contact our office for literature on any life issue, and we will prepare and mail you a packet to help in your pro-life education and/or your efforts to educate your family and friends.

We have also been making updates to our website. .

  1. Check it out! Click on “Book Reviews” to see a list of pro-life books to consider reading.

  2. Or click on “Featured Articles” to see some of our best articles through the years. The “Archives” have ALL newsletters dating back to 2002.

If you need anything, feel free to contact our office at 925-944-5351 or

Calendar of Events

Due to the “Shelter in Place” almost all activities have been postponed or cancelled. For a listing of possible activities – perhaps a “virtual conference” — visit

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