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Post-Roe Summer

The abortion lobby is using the Dobbs decision to reinvigorate its base and terrify the public with lies about abortion restrictions causing women to die from untreated ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages. In California, the legislature is passing a flurry of laws to further protect and subsidize the abortion industry.

We have to change a lot of hearts and minds before we can gain legal protection for unborn children in California.

Here are a few snapshots of how we’ve been countering the pro-abortion narrative over the last months:

With just a handful of volunteers, we counter-protested multiple pro-abortion events to stand for the babies. Not only were we able to ask the abortion advocates questions they could not answer and hopefully caused them to question their stance, but the media covering the events was forced to acknowledge our pro-life presence at every event.

We’ve also been asked to provide the anti-abortion perspective for many television, radio, and print media stories on Roe, Dobbs, and the pro-abortion legislation being pushed in Sacramento.

While Planned Parenthood has been using the post-Dobbs hysteria to fundraise, we’ve been raising awareness about their grisly business both on the streets outside their events and by using their event hashtags online.

Pro-life Californians want to know how to fight abortion politically. At a legislative action workshop hosted by Vox Vitae, we spoke about concrete ways we can educate people in order to bring about political change. Also, through our social media, California Right to Life has been providing updates and action alerts about the pro-abortion bills in the legislature as they come up for votes.

We designed and mailed a persuasive pro-life magazine to over 100,000 homes in southern California, educating the readers about abortion and the pro-abortion push that would come after the fall of Roe.

We sponsored Vox Vitae’s week-long pro-life summer camp for high-schoolers and spoke to them about sharing the pro-life message in the public square, sharing true stories of minds changed and babies saved.

Cities have been declaring themselves “sanctuary cities.” Some are sanctuaries for unborn babies and some are sanctuaries for the abortion industry. We help spread the word about the sneaky pro-abortion resolutions in California and spoke against the pro-abortion declaration in Oxnard.

We also updated our website! It’s easier to navigate and has more information to help equip pro-life Californians. Browse our Learn and Take Action resources to find ways you can help protect the vulnerable in California.

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