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Pro-abortion bills in Sacramento

There’s some good news and a lot of bad news about California’s current legislative session. 

The good news is that four pro-abortion bills that were carryovers from last year have missed deadlines and failed. Also, a proposed assisted suicide expansion bill was withdrawn by its author. It would have opened up assisted suicide to include those with chronic but non-“terminal” conditions, would have eliminated any waiting period between requesting and receiving lethal drugs, and would have allowed people to be killed via IV. 

The bad news is that legislators have taken some of the ideas from the dropped pro-abortion bills and included them in new bills this year. California Democrats are very creative when looking for ways to promote abortion with your taxes.

AB 598 would mandate that California’s middle school and high school sex-ed curriculum include information about where students can get abortions locally. This is a carryover from last year. It has already passed through the assembly and is before the senate committee on education.

AB 602 is a reboot of last year’s AB 315, which failed to pass, and it would encourage lawsuits against pregnancy care centers and clinics for supposedly “false or misleading” statements. This bill was introduced last year as something unrelated to abortion and it passed the assembly and into the senate before its author gutted and amended it to its current wording. It is before the senate rules committee.

AB 793 would hinder law enforcement attempting to collect digital evidence of illegal abortions. ​This bill was introduced last year. It passed through the assembly and into the senate and is before the senate judiciary committee. 

AB 2085 is a Planned Parenthood-sponsored bill to expedite the process for building new abortion clinics and prevent towns from denying permits to abortion clinics. It is before the assembly appropriations committee, the last committee before a full floor vote.

AB 2099 would turn certain misdemeanor crimes against abortion workers into felonies. It enhances punishments for crimes the legislature created just a couple years ago. It seems to be designed to intimidate pro-lifers and cause them to self-censor out of fear. It is before the assembly appropriations committee.

AB 2490 would establish a grant to fund abortion training for hospital staff. It is before the assembly appropriations committee. 

AB 2670 would require the department of health to run a public awareness campaign to direct women to the California government’s abortion website. This is a more detailed and streamlined version of last year’s AB 710, which failed to pass. It is before the assembly appropriations committee.

AB 3022 would amend the murder statute to create exceptions for doctors, mothers, and those assisting mothers in killing their unborn children. It was introduced in February but has yet to be scheduled for a committee hearing. 

SB 233 would allow Arizona abortionists to perform abortions in California without being licensed to practice medicine here. It was introduced last year as a bill about electric car batteries and was passed out of the senate and into the assembly before being amended to its current topic. It is currently awaiting an assembly floor vote. 

SB 729 would require insurers to cover in vitro fertilization for same sex couples and single people. It was introduced last year and made it out of the senate and into its last assembly appropriations committee hearing before it was placed on the suspense file last August. The assembly has until the end of August this year to pass it. 

​Find your assembly and state senate representatives here and voice your opposition to these bills!

Read about more ways to track the bills and contact legislators here.

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