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Ready or Not...

Ready or not, the abortion debate is coming to you. Are you prepared to discuss if and how states should restrict abortion? Now that Roe vs. Wade is overturned and the regulation of abortion is returned to the voters in each state, do you know the facts about abortion and can you consider them with an open mind?

In partnership with our friends at Human Life Alliance, we mailed this magazine to 100,000 homes in California's Central Valley this week and posed these questions to readers.

This year Governor Gavin Newsom and Democrat lawmakers have passed legislation to fund and protect abortion in ways that no actually life-saving medical procedure is protected. In fact, new laws reward women who choose abortion over those who deliver their children alive.

Ready or Not cuts through the heated rhetoric surrounding the abortion debate and presents the unvarnished truth in an engaging and comprehensible way. To order similar publications for distribution in your community, contact Human Life Alliance.

Help us educate more Californians about abortion and the value of those living in the womb - donate today!

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