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The Beginning of the End of Abortion: 40 Inspiring Stories of God Changing Hearts and Saving Lives

by Shawn Carney and Cindy Lambert

Along with the kickoff of the 2018 fall 40-Days for Life campaign, came the latest installment of what hopefully will be an ongoing series of books recounting the marvelous stories of what is happening as abortion is ending…..on sidewalks, near where you live.

Author Shawn Carney takes you on a heartfelt journey to the darkest corners of our culture to share what many don’t see: HOPE. These 40 powerful stories, one for each day of the 40-Days for Life Campaign recount “wrong numbers called” that lead to lives saved.

California has a couple of mentions: the story of a wheelchair-bound prayer volunteer who was able to inspire a couple to choose life for their baby. Also Day 33 recounts a few of the awesome efforts of Wynette Sills in Sacramento – the first vigil site signup of the first campaign.

The Beginning of the End of Abortion would be a wonderful Christmas gift for any friend or family member, especially those who “stand vigil” in the darkness and cold of the recent fall campaign.

We recently purchased a copy for our library! If you would like to borrow it, contact our office. Also available online in print and e-book format, or from

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