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Why would anyone sing Christmas carols at an abortion clinic?

Every Advent, pro-lifers gather outside of abortion clinics to sing about the birth of Jesus and the joy that came with a little Baby. Sometimes the familiar words and the offer of hope soften a mother’s heart, change her mind, and save her baby. Last year, our Christmas caroling presence helped spare two babies!

But even when the mothers don’t listen, or are hurried inside by clinic workers, our presence gives dignity to the short lives of the babies who are killed that day. The babies will never celebrate their first Christmas with their families or be rocked and sung to sleep, but we can sing for them on the last day of their lives. We can love them when no one else does.

Pro-Life Action League has listed pro-life caroling events nationwide including several in California. If there are none scheduled in your area, there’s still time to organize a caroling event at your local abortion facility and make the last days of your preparation for Christmas more meaningful.

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