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Women’s Marches and Information Tables

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

This past weekend I was in Vallejo to launch a new educational table as part of our project to spread the tables throughout the state. I brought a table kit for the dedicated volunteers in Vallejo and we set up the display at the farmers’ market. Passersby marveled at the fetal models and studied the diagrams of surgical abortion procedures.

One man brought his wife, who was carrying their newborn baby, over to the table. He wished everyone could see the incredible process of pregnancy and birth, he said, and he could not understand how anyone could think abortion was okay. Another man specifically wanted our thoughts on whether abortion could be justified if a child was conceived in rape. He was struck by the answer that a child should not be punished for his father’s crime. Some passersby took information for themselves or family members to read later. We were glad to be there to explain the humanity of the unborn and the brutality of abortion, especially when a pro-abortion “Women’s March” made a circuit through the farmers’ market.

Would you like a pro-life educational table kit so you can change hearts and minds in your town? Email us!

Also this past weekend, our volunteers brought California Right to Life’s new signs to counterprotest another “Women’s March” in Ventura County. One sign shows a preborn baby at 6 weeks and another is printed with textbook diagrams of the two most common surgical abortion procedures. Many of the attendees, there to demand “reproductive justice”, had never seen an image that so clearly shows the humanity of even the littlest babies or a diagram on how an abortion is actually performed. Many were shocked. It was obvious our signs were having an effect because the pro-abortion leaders aggressively attempted to cover up the signs and hide them from the passersby and other marchers.

One middle-aged man who was passing by stopped to thank us for showing the truth about abortion. He had a very personal reason to care. His mother, pregnant at age 15 and on drugs at the time, was pressured to abort him. She placed him for adoption instead and he was raised by a wonderful adoptive family. No one ever wants to talk about the baby’s side of the story, he said, and that’s why he was so happy to see our volunteers educating and speaking up for people like him: those considered discardable.

Pray for those who attended the march as many of them were there in an attempt to justify a past abortion.

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