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Baby saved!

Our pro-life mailing to 100,000 homes is getting results! We’ve heard from many people who received our magazine, including a pregnancy clinic counselor who used the magazine she received at her home to counsel a pregnant mom at the clinic. The mom decided against abortion because of the information in the magazine!

You can read the magazine here.

One young woman wrote to thank us for the magazine, saying that it revived her zeal despite the uphill battle we have in California, and said, “I have dragged it all over town in my purse for the past few weeks showing everyone I know and asking if they got a copy in the mail. I have recently volunteered at a pregnancy resource center and your magazine really helped encourage me to be more educated and to have a heart to teach others the facts on abortion.”

We also heard from:

  • A young man who said the magazine had inspired him to start sidewalk counseling.

  • Multiple pregnancy centers whose volunteers and staff received the magazine have asked for more copies to distribute.

  • A pregnancy center that recorded a record-breaking number of clients visiting their center in the month after the mailing.

We want to reach every Californian with the truth of what abortion does to a human being, an innocent little baby, but the media, politicians, and academia are deliberately confusing people, fear mongering, and outright lying about what abortion is and what the end of Roe vs. Wade means for women and families. How can we reach people and lead them to the truth?

We worked with our friends at Human Life Alliance to design an educational magazine specifically for California.

Our state legislature is working overtime to subsidize abortion. The abortion industry is trying to expand in California as abortion is restricted in nearby states. And this November, Californians will vote on Proposition 1 to decide whether to enshrine rights to abortion, contraception, and other, unspecified “decisions” related to “reproductive freedom” in our state constitution.

Can you help us mail more magazines to other communities in California and reach more people with our educational outreach? It costs us about 15 cents to mail a magazine to a home, where it will reach an untold number of people.

We’re designing an updated magazine to mail to another 100,000 homes this fall. Donate today to help us with this project and all our other educational outreach programs!

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