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How we spent our summer vacation

With school out for the summer, we found other venues to reach people with the truth about abortion, including hosting pro-life information tables at the mall where we distributed hundreds of pieces of literature. Shoppers of all ages marveled at the fetal models and were horrified to learn exactly how abortions are performed.

California Right to Life was a sponsor of Vox Vitae’s week-long pro-life leadership camp in July. I spoke to the teenage campers about the necessity of engaging with people who consider themselves “pro-choice” in order to change their minds and persuade them to join the pro-life side. I also walked them through the process of calling their representatives. Each camper called to ask their state senator to vote no on AB 598, which would have mandated that the state curriculum for middle-school and high-school students include local resources for getting an abortion. Subsequently, the bill missed a deadline and failed for the year!

We’ve distributed hundreds of fliers to alert CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid customers that the pharmacies plan on going into the abortion business. Print fliers here to keep in your car and leaflet a few cars in the parking lot when you have errands near one of the pharmacies.

None of the three pharmacy giants have begun to distribute the chemical abortion regimen. The delay may be because a legal challenge to the FDA’s lax rules for distribution of abortion drugs just won a victory at the Fifth Circuit and is on its way to the Supreme Court. A pro-life victory at the Supreme Court would reinstate the rule that abortion drugs may only be distributed in-person, by a doctor. On the other hand, CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid may be rethinking their business plan of becoming abortion clinics after experiencing pushback from pro-lifers.

We reached over 25,000 drivers with the message “abortion takes a human life” when we participated in National Pro-Life Bridges Day on July 21.

We protested Planned Parenthood fundraising events, preventing donors from ignoring the tiny victims of their “philanthropy.” We have protested Planned Parenthood California Central Coast’s events for several years. Thus, we were excited to see an announcement in their recent newsletter that they are discontinuing fundraisers at supporters’ homes - which we would frequently locate and protest. Get ideas here for how to counter Planned Parenthood events in your town.

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