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July 2019 Activity Report

With the arrival of summer, we migrated to the air conditioned shopping mall, doing Information Tables for Life. It seems many people had the same idea: come to the mall to escape the heat, and several of them visited our table. We have had some spirited discussions and even helped several folks towards a change of heart. MANY people have come by just to thank us for being there. Your donations make all this possible.

As we pass the halfway point of the year, we want to update our members on our financial situation.

  1. In 2017 we had a loss of over $4,000, which was alleviated by a very generous donation by one of our members.

  2. 2018 was even worse: our loss without special donations would have been in the range of $8,000.

  3. Through the first six months of 2019, we are tracking expenses in excess of donations in the range of $3,800.

A few years ago several members remembered us in their wills, and that has supplemented our ever faithful donors, permitting us to continue our most critical work. However, we have had to turn away several opportunities due to lack of resources.

Each newsletter costs us about a dollar to print and mail. Consider a donation to cover the cost of your newsletter and perhaps also help offset the cost of one or more we send free of charge to churches and other “influencers.”

An Information Table for Life costs between $25-$50 and providing materials for a classroom presentation is in the same cost range. Would you like to sponsor a Mall Table?

And on the horizon, we need to upgrade our computer. Our current computer is running on Windows 7, our accounting system is Quickbooks 2009! As you can tell Cecelia isn’t into upgrading; however, the time is soon coming when it will be necessary!

One of our greatest needs is for volunteers, especially mall table volunteers and media speakers. While Cecelia does a great job talking to the media, she would like to “share the opportunities.” Recently one of our volunteers did a media interview and commented it wasn’t that difficult. We will prep you and provide you materials; you can even become an expert on a topic and be ready for “media stardom.”

We thank our generous donors and volunteers for the ongoing support. Contact our office if you need materials or would like to help us as an Information Table volunteer and/or a speaker for classroom presentations.

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