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Oppose anti-life legislation in conjunction with CA March for Life

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

California is known for its extreme pro-abortion legislation and politicians. On August 25, pro-lifers from across the state are gathering at the Capitol in Sacramento for the California March for Life to call for an end to California’s abortion extremism.

The rally is at 11am at the South Steps of the Capitol, close to N Street, followed by a march around the Capitol at noon. More details are available here.

Whether or not you’re able to attend the rally and march in Sacramento, please join in the effort by contacting your state representatives and asking them to oppose these four particularly bad bills being considered this session:

  1. Ask your assemblymember to oppose SB 245, which would require insurance companies cover all costs associated with abortion making abortions completely free to women. Why should abortion be prioritized over carrying a baby to term? That’s not even “pro-choice” since it favors only one choice.

  2. Ask your assemblymember to oppose SB 380, which would remove some of the few protections in California’s assisted suicide law. Don’t make California’s assisted suicide law worse.

  3. Ask your assemblymember to oppose SB 742, which would make it a crime to picket or sidewalk counsel outside any business that dispenses any vaccines – including abortion businesses. This proposed law is blatantly unconstitutional and threatens free speech everywhere.

  4. Ask your state senator to oppose AB 1184, which would require insurance companies to hide “sensitive” services from parents’ insurance bills so they will not know if their children obtain services such as abortions or seek treatment from Planned Parenthood. If children are engaging in dangerous, potentially life-altering behavior, parents ought to know in order to help their children. Don’t put Planned Parenthood between parents and their children and force parents to blindly pay for the consequences.

Unfortunately, the legislature is not considering any pro-life bills that we could support.

You can find who your California state senator and assemblyman are here. Once you know who your representatives are, you can find your assemblymember’s phone number here and your state senator’s phone number here.

Please call to voice your opposition and speak on behalf of the vulnerable and voiceless!

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