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Ruining Planned Parenthood’s Day

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Pro-life direct action can be divided into at least three categories: 1) education of the ignorant or apathetic (sidewalk counseling, educational tables, campus outreach, etc.), 2) encouraging those who are already pro-life (March for Life, rallies, social media, etc.), and 3) discouraging and demoralizing abortion promoters. The first is the most important, but I think the third is the most fun.

For instance, a few weeks ago Planned Parenthood proudly announced the opening of a new abortion facility in Oxnard, California. The announcement did not give the new address, instead inviting supporters to join the ribbon-cutting ceremony virtually via Facebook and Instagram live. Only select donors and supportive politicians received invitations to attend in person.

Despite Planned Parenthood’s attempt to avoid attention from the general public, I was able to locate the facility before the ceremony. The grand opening would take place in the parking lot in front of the new clinic, adjacent to a busy street.

My sister and I gathered a handful of friends and volunteers and organized a pro-life, anti-Planned Parenthood presence on the sidewalk to alert the neighborhood and those tuning in to the livestream to the evils of Planned Parenthood. Just a few people, some signs and flyers, and a bullhorn ruined Planned Parenthood’s event.

The ceremony started with a series of self-congratulatory speeches, but my voice from the sidewalk drowned them out. The organizers cut their livestream after only a few minutes rather than have the truth about Planned Parenthood broadcast to their social media followers.

We were able to speak with some of the attendees on the sidewalk outside, and our pictures of aborted babies gave faces to Planned Parenthood’s victims.

Whenever people gather to celebrate abortion, someone should be there to prick their consciences.

Video of the beginning of the ceremony, with both Planned Parenthood and pro-life voices audible was still posted on Planned Parenthood’s Facebook page as of July 6, 2021.

Thanks to the influx of taxpayer money from the Biden Administration and the pro-abortion supermajority in Sacramento, new Planned Parenthood facilities are popping up all over. Planned Parenthood launched a new facility in Hemet, California, a few weeks after the opening in Oxnard. Your neighborhood could be next. Are you on your local Planned Parenthood’s email list so you know what they’re up to and can be prepared to protest?

If there’s already an abortion facility in your community, your presence outside can help turn women toward life! Visit our new sidewalk counseling page for some tips to get started!

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