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The “Rape Exception”

I’m sure we’ve all heard someone say: “I’m pro-life… except in cases of rape,” So perhaps a few facts and meeting some “Conceived in Rape” survivors will provide you with some response to this exception.

  1. Rape and abortion are wrong for the same reason; they are both violent acts of aggression against another person. If you really care about rape victims, you should want to protect them from the aggression of the rapist, and the abortionist. The baby is NOT an aggressor.

  2. Less than 1% of abortions are performed because of rape.

  3. The rapist does not get the death penalty; why would we sentence the innocent child conceived by the rape to the death penalty?

  4. A baby is not the worst thing which can happen to a rape victim — an abortion is. Women report the abortion was actually worse than the rape, because they were powerless in the rape; however, they chose to have the abortion.

“Conceived in Rape”

Ryan Scott Bomberger’s biological mother was raped but chose to reject the “violence of abortion” and chose life for her son. He went on to be the founder of the nonprofit the Radiance Foundation

Bomberger has commented that he is the 1% that Planned Parenthood and progressives use to justify 100% of abortions. “I was adopted and loved instead,” Bomberger said. “I’m not the ‘residue of the rapist’ … I’m the resilience of my birth mom.”

Bomberger says he is alive because of his birth mother’s resilience, a woman who chose to be “stronger than her circumstances.”

Bomberger reminds us all, “Does your life have more value than mine?”

Rebecca Kiessling was adopted as a baby, and at age 18 decided to request “non-identifying information” about her birth-mother. What she found out was shocking! She discovered that her birth mother was brutally raped by a serial rapist at knifepoint. Rebecca thought “my birth mother must hate me. She is never going to want to meet me. She probably wanted to abort me.” However Rebecca decided to try and reach out to her birth mother, and through a confidential intermediary she was able to meet her birth mother.

Abortion was not legal in 1968 when Rebecca was conceived; however, her birth mother did consider a back-alley abortion. But fate protected her: one of the worst snowstorms in Detroit’s history blocked the roads, and by the time the snowstorm was over, her birth mother was in her second trimester and did not go through with the abortion.

Her birth mother wrote Rebecca a letter: “I always loved you in my heart. You were always in my thoughts… it seems like a lifetime I know… looking forward to meeting you!”

Imagine being Rebecca Kiessling or Ryan Bomberger or one of the many others “conceived in rape” hearing “except in case of rape…” How would that make you feel?

Let us go forth and defend EVERY human life, especially those many think are not worth protecting!

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