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“What do you think about abortion?”

Over the last months, our California Right to Life volunteers have visited multiple high schools to talk to the students about abortion. Standing on the public sidewalk outside campus, we display signs with images of abortion victims, images of unborn babies, and medical diagrams of abortion procedures and we distribute hundreds of Human Life Alliance’s challenging and persuasive educational magazines to the students. We ask them, “What do you think about abortion?”

One student told me that she would have an abortion if she got pregnant while in high school. Just then her principal walked up and assured me that his students don’t have abortions and do not need to know about it. At another high school a few miles away, a school that has a daycare facility on campus for the children of students, a student said that she had had an abortion and tried to justify it to two of our volunteers. Another student told me that her friend had an abortion scheduled and that she was trying to talk her out of it.

These teenagers desperately need to see and hear the truth about abortion.

As hundreds of high schoolers stream past our volunteers stationed at the various school exits at dismissal time, we start conversations:

“Hi. What do you think about abortion?”

“My body, my choice!”

“But wouldn’t you say some choices are wrong? We have laws against using your body to hurt others, like assaulting someone or driving drunk. Should a woman really have the choice to kill her baby?”

“It’s not a baby! It’s a fetus!

“You’re right, it is a fetus. Let’s talk about that, because that’s really the issue. What is a fetus? Don’t we know from biology that a fetus is a tiny living, growing member of the human species, just not yet born? Can you think of any situation that justifies intentionally killing an innocent human being?”

Students flock around our volunteers, some uncertain what to think and eager for more information, some angrily challenging us, and some thanking us for sharing the hard truth.

The students often hurl pro-abortion slogans that they have seen online or heard on television, but they struggle to defend abortion in a rational, civil conversation.

Every conversation about what an abortion procedure involves also necessitates an acknowledgment of the primary victim, the baby.

That acknowledgment of the baby is exactly what abortion supporters don’t want.

Our volunteers witnessed this while protesting a pro-abortion Women’s March in September: the March leaders were anxious to stop all conversations between our volunteers and their marchers, even forcibly stepping in between to prevent a discussion of what exactly happens during an abortion procedure.

Abortion supporters want to keep people in the dark about what every abortion does to an unborn baby, but, with your your prayers and support, California Right to Life will continue to bring the truth into the light!

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